Louise: “Ellie was my postnatal doula. Like many in Cambridge, my partner and I moved here from abroad and do not have any family here. Ellie gave us (and particularly me!) practical and emotional support. Cups of tea were made, the baby was held while mama napped, and Ellie signposted loads of helpful community support services, particularly for breastfeeding. More importantly she listened to me, empathised with me, gave me a hug after another night of no sleep, and generally walked alongside me in my journey into motherhood, never once judging or pushing. My son adores her and we’ll both really miss her!”

Aisha: “Ellie is the epitome of professional (as far as I can use that term for doula work!). Everything was clear and all my questions and concerns well discussed. I felt like she really cared about me and my family and gave me everything I could have asked for in a doula. Presence, a listening ear, being available on the telephone, protection, understanding, love and this was all before the actual birth!
On the birth day she was absolutely indispensable. I have tears in my eyes as I write, I truly don’t know what I would have done without her! From essential oils to rebozos and her relaxed frame of mind, everything was in place to facilitate the kind of birth that I dreamt of. I was impressed with her level of service, dedication and composure. I had the birth of my dreams with Ellie! Ellie was with me through hospital appointments and a particularly nasty incident to help fend off ‘predators’. She was fully supportive of my birth choices! I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a birth doula or as a postnatal doula as Ellie did do a bit of postnatal work too.”

Susanna: “Ellie helped me verbalise my thoughts and wishes and to calm my nerves before the big day. She also helped go through a number of rebozo techniques to aid a good labour. When I started to get frustrated about being ‘overdue’ and the pressure put on me by the hospital midwives, she encouraged me to seek independent advice. 
The labour progressed far more quickly than I had anticipated but Ellie made sure she came over as soon as possible after I had called her. She supported me both practically by fetching drinks and emotionally when I started to get into difficulty and the labour got challenging. I decided to transfer to hospital even though I wanted another home birth, and Ellie jumped into a taxi and followed us and got to the delivery unit just in time for the birth. Ellie was amazing after the birth and stayed in the room. I had a lot of processing to do as the birth had not gone according to my plan, and although the outcome was good and the baby and myself were both healthy, I felt a bit confused and overwhelmed. I also struggled with breast feeding, like with my other two babies, and she did everything she could to get the staff at the Rosie to help. I had all the support I needed, and she made sure that I had continuous breast feeding support in the first couple of weeks. She also baked a lovely cake! Ellie is very earnest, engaged and giving in her role as a doula. She draws from her own experience, but she also starts from the wishes of the clients so is able to adapt to different families and their needs.”

Alison: “Choosing to have a doula was one of the best decisions we made for our family. We were fortunate enough to have two doulas, including Ellie, leading up to and at the birth of our baby in late October. Before the labour and delivery, Ellie was an incredible resource to my husband and me. She loaned us books, taught us about how to use a rebozo, and helped us to write our birth preferences document. The birth of our baby was not straight-forward, and Ellie was a rock for us during this difficult experience, advocating with us for the birth we were trying to achieve. During my labour, Ellie was a constant presence and came equipped with the resources and tools to transform the sterile hospital room into a warm a tranquil space for us to welcome our baby. When we arrived home, Ellie was available via text messaging and phone calls for any and all queries. She helped us to research and come to a decision regarding our son’s tongue tie. We’re so grateful to Ellie for her incredible support! I cannot imagine having a baby without her by my side.”

Ann: “Ellie was a wonderful support for me and my little man from 6 weeks, only wish we’d found her sooner! We had some hiccups and she helped us find our own way throigh them and gave me some valuable me time while digging in with whatever was needed in the house. Thank you ellie! Xx”

Lucy: “For me Pregnancy was the hardest part of my childbearing experience. I was incredibly sick for many months. It was isolating and life-changing. Almost three years on the memories of that time are still very dark. A recent bout of sickness triggered all my worst pregnancy memories and the thought of facing another pregnancy seemed unfathomable and I felt desperately sad. When Ellie suggested using the NLP Rewind Technique for my pregnancy memories I was a little sceptical, but decided there was no harm in trying. A week after our session Ellie checked in with me and I was so happy to be able to tell her how much better I felt! Whilst my memories of my pregnancy remain clear, I somehow felt much lighter and able to hold them in me more gently, the experiences seem much less suffocating, and I simply felt happier! So much so that I even think another pregnancy might not be such a horrific prospect after all! Or at least perhaps I have the courage to face it now. If you had a challenging pregnancy, I highly recommend a session like this with Ellie. You deserve to feel good and this technique might just support you in getting there.”

Nashira: “I contacted Ellie during my second pregnancy as I wanted to discuss with a doula about ways of making my birthing experience more positive than my first.  She asked me if I would like to go through my previous birth, and as soon as I started talking about it, I couldn’t stop crying. I thought I had gone through it, but she told me, and she was so right, that my bad experience was just buried in my subscouncious mind. I decided to do a rewind process to make sure my bad feelings and negative memories didn’t show during my son’s birth. 

She came to my home a couple of times and made me feel safe and relaxed all the way through. The rewind process was easy to follow, harmless and absolutely healing. Only after doing it I’ve been able to talk about my first birth, not only without tears, but with acceptance and neutrality, embracing the experience with its shades and lights. In part thanks to Ellie’s help I’ve been able to have my dreamed birth this second time.”

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