About Me


My name is Ellie Cook and I have been providing postpartum and birth support in Cambridge and surrounding villages since 2013.

I trained with Developing Doulas in 2012, am a Doula UK Recognised Birth and Postnatal Doula.

The Birth of your children is your triumph as a human being, and one of the most sacred moments you will experience in your lifetime. It can also be a challenging time as new families adjust to the changes that birth brings. In more recent times our communities have fragmented. Modern life’s demands have meant friends and families live further apart and in smaller units. While birth is nearly always treated as a celebration, practical and compassionate help for parents is diminishing.  I am passionate about supporting your informed choices, helping you achieve your vision of birth, and the early days with your baby.

I love meeting new people and learning about families. Each one is so unique and this is reflected in their needs and desires for birth and parenthood. It is a special privilege to be invited into that space and to support families so they can find the right path for them. I believe women should birth and parent the way they feel is right for them and I aim to do everything in my power to assist them in making this a reality.

As your doula I will be your confidant and advocate. I promise to listen with a non-judgemental ear and provide practical help where needed. Your birth is a sacred event and how ever you choose to birth, I will endeavour  to act with compassion and kindness to assist you on your journey. I can help with hands on support and coping measure, as well as protecting your birth space and easing communication with others.

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