3 Step Rewind for Traumatic Birth or Pregnancy Recovery (For more information go to

This service is available online through zoom.

  • Initial session where we get to know one another and discuss your goals and what you would like the rewind to do for you (you do not need to reveal any details about your traumatic experience, unless you feel you would like to.)
  • In the second session we will do a relaxation script and approach the rewind process. This can take up to an hour. We can talk afterwards if you want to.
  • I aim to check in with you a week later, to see how you are feeling and discuss the process. Often this is enough but if we need to, we can book in another rewind session if appropriate.

Price: £175 for 3 step rewind process (2-3 sessions). 

Online one to one coaching and mentoring sessions; Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.
(For More information go to

  • The childbearing year can be a challenging one to navigate. The mass of information, advice and opinion is now so great that families often find themselves overwhelmed and vulnerable.
  • Using the NLP model, I provide bespoke one to one coaching sessions, helping you manage the many scenarios that can arise perinatally.

    Fee: £75 for one off coaching sessions. Sessions last 30 minutes-1 hour and can be done over zoom or Skype.

    Antenatal Preparation

  • In these sessions I can provide a bespoke service to you and your family. The sessions will be led by you and your individual needs.
  • I aim to meet you wherever you are in your birth preparation. If that means starting from scratch with childbirth education or helping you get clarity about your options when you’ve read every book on the subject, then I can help.
  • My wealth of experience attending births in the last eight years, means I can take you through what to expect through early and active labour, birth and the first day with your baby.
  • I can signpost you to the most evidence based information about your choices and any path that you plan to follow, be it homebirth, hospital birth, waterbirth, VBAC, planned C Section.
  • As a qalified NLP Master Practitioner, I can guide and mentor you through conflicting feelings about the choices and advice on offer and help you put together a care plan that is right for you.
  • Using the practical skills I have learned as a birth doula, I can teach you and your birth partner comfort measures to assist you practically throughout your labour and birth

    £75 per session. Sessions will last 2-3 hours.

Birth Package

  • Complimentary initial consultation.
  • Unlimited ante natal visits to discuss your intentions for your birth and early parenthood, any concerns you may have about birth and parenthood and my role in this process. These sessions are important for us getting to know one another and building a rapport.
  • Assistance drawing up a birth plan and newborn care plan, helping you clarify your preferences and exploring the options with you. As well as signposting you to more specialist information.
  • Unlimited phone and email support to answer any questions you might have as well as support during your pregnancy, early labour, and early postpartum period.
  • On-call availability from when you reach full term.
  • Continuous emotional and practical support for you and your family throughout your labour and birth. As a doula I can attend your labour from the very beginning at home and accompany you to hospital or birthing centre (if desired) or alternatively remain with you for a home birth.
  • I can act as your spokesperson (under your direction) to ensure your wishes and birth plan are being adhered to.
  • One postpartum visit, to celebrate the birth of your baby, reflect on your experiences and offer some initial support in your exciting new journey.

Price: £1500

Postnatal Package

  • Complimentary Initial meeting (if I have been your birth doula this probably won’t be necessary).
  • Unlimited phone and email support for the period mutually decided (this obviously may extend as time passes.)
  • A listening ear for any struggles or obstacles you maybe experiencing.
  • Infant feeding support, whether you breastfeed, bottle feed or mix feed. I can offer practical help with suggestions for successful breastfeeding and signposts to more specialist help. Or help you learn make up bottles appropriately.
  • Household help and chores, while you adjust to your new life and bond with your baby.
  • If desired, help communicating with the relevant health professionals (midwives, health visitors etc.) If needed, I can accompany you to drop ins, appointments, or just keep you company on trips out with your newborn.

Price: £25 per hour

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