One to one

Online one to one coaching and mentoring sessions; Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

The childbearing year can be a challenging one to navigate. The mass of information, advice and opinion is now so great that families often find themselves overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Using the NLP model, I provide bespoke, one to one coaching sessions, helping you manage the many scenarios that can arise perinatally.

Below are some of the things I can help with:

Decisions: Sometimes when you have all of the information you need to make informed choices, you can still feel conflicted about which path to take. These sessions help you examine your feelings about your options and provide clarity, to move forward confidently.

Fear/Tokophobia: Fear can be crippling during this time and become an obstacle in your journey. Often it is self perpetuating, causing anxiety and stress that is unhelpful at such an important time. Using simple “pattern interrupting” techniques, we can shift and alter these difficult feelings and make room for more resourceful responses to the path ahead of you.

Relationships: Do you want one thing and your partner wants another? Are you disagreeing about your birth plan? Do you have different ideas about your parenting style? Maybe you have a well meaning relative or health care provider with advice that makes you feel presured? These things are really difficult at a time when stress is the last thing you need. I can’t fix other people, but I  have a number of techniques that can help with tricky feelings, perceptions and lift the stress associated with this relationship dynamic.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy is not a smooth ride for some people. I hear you and I want to help. While a lot of these symptoms are something we often feel we just need to “ride out”, there are techniques that can help us manage pain, sickness, tiredness, anxiety and depression.

If you feel you have a problem that doesn’t fit into any of the above please get in touch to discuss how I can help.

Introductory Offer:  £65 for one off coaching sessions. Sessions last 30 minutes-1 hour and can be done over zoom or Skype.



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