Covid 19 Update

In the midst of these rather strange times, I have taken the decision to move my services online. For the time being I will be offering trauma recovery, coaching and mentoring, postnatal support and antenatal preparation sessions over skype or zoom. With all the uncertainty, families navigating pregnancy, parenthood and emotional wellbeing need support moreContinue reading “Covid 19 Update”

“Enjoy it” is a command. Let’s find better ways to talk to new parents.

There’s a phrase I hear a lot. It’s said to new families, in person and all over social media. It largely comes from well meaning parents. Parents whose kids are older now, parents whose kids are all grown up, grandparents of grown up kids. Parents who look back with rose tinted glasses and prickly eyesContinue reading ““Enjoy it” is a command. Let’s find better ways to talk to new parents.”

I Want to Talk About Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I wrote this just over nine months ago and wasn’t brave enough to share. On HG Awareness Day 2018, I’m plucking up the courage.  I want to talk about HG With the recent Royal pregnancy announcement the press were on fire again. I actually knew it was coming. There had been whisperings in the community.Continue reading “I Want to Talk About Hyperemesis Gravidarum”

Me, Breastfeeding and the Internet.

It’s the end of world breastfeeding week. I’ve had some discussions this week that have been frustrating to say the least. On social media I’ve been accused of “forcing the issue” and “alienating women” when expressing a desire to have breastfeeding taught in schools. I’ve been asked where “world formula feeding week” is. I trawledContinue reading “Me, Breastfeeding and the Internet.”

Did they really need a manger?

I’ve been thinking about Mary and Joseph. Yes I know those of you who know me might be surprised by this, given I am an atheist. But this is obviously a story that’s being told a lot at this time of year. Whether I think it happened or not is kind of irrelevant. It’s aContinue reading “Did they really need a manger?”

A Weapon Called the Word. Birth Plans Are Not Predictions.

As a doula I find the large majority of my conversations outside of my working life also revolve around birth. I’m cool with that as it’s obviously one of my favourite subjects. These conversations are often a great learning experience for me. Hearing other people’s thoughts and stories helps enrich my own knowledge and oftenContinue reading “A Weapon Called the Word. Birth Plans Are Not Predictions.”